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Household Budget Worksheet

This will help you track your household monthly expenses, and to see how much of your income is being spent, saved, or invested. Our Budget Spreadsheet allows you to better see where you can reallocate your money to better suite your living needs.

Net Worth Calculator

What is your current household net worth? What was it last year? These worksheets will help you track your net worth. Done on your own or as a spousal couple, pick which worksheet appeals to you most! 

Green Sleeve Information

You need a Green Sleeve! A Green Sleeve is a document in which you keep all your important information such as banking, investment, medical, and contact information. Your Green Sleeve is meant to be kept with your will in the event of your passing. This way your important account numbers and login details are all available to those carrying out your final wishes.

LGK Retirement Cash Flow

It's crucial to do this planning now. Your retirement cash flow is your expected income in retirement and where you plan to spend this money. Use this spreadsheet and see where your money is going now to help you understand where it should go in the future. For comprehensive retirement planning advice, please contact our office for more information.