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Charitable Giving

Supporting our Community

Why Kids On Track?

We decided to partner with Kids on Track because they are an Edmonton-based charity that is run by, and benefits, Edmontonians. It was very important to us that we support a charity that affects the community that our staff works and lives in, as well as an organization that we can contribute to financially and with our time.

About the Charity

Kids On Track started in 1992, officially registered as an Albertan non-profit in 1995, and received charitable status with the federal government in 1996. This longevity has created credibility with families and other service providers such as schools, police and social workers.

Their long-term commitment to at-risk families builds trust and provides stability for children and youth. Kids On Track provides hope, direction, and ongoing support for children, youth, and their parents. They run programs like day camps, leadership training, and family celebrations.

Much to Gain From Philanthropy

The process of giving back to our communities can offer many benefits to not just the recipient but to the donor as well. Charitable giving can be a great way for our clients to:

  • show gratitude,
  • support a cause that is close to their hearts,
  • and build and maintain a legacy.

In addition to helping the community, donors will receive a tax receipt that can be claimed on their personal income tax return.

If you are not currently in the position to contribute financially, and would still like to support local non-profits, consider volunteering your time to a worthy charity such as Kids On Track.

To learn more about Kids On Track and the programs they offer, click here to visit their website.