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These calculators are for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon as an accurate indication of your financial retirement needs. As each individual’s situation is different and changes over time, the results are limited by the accuracy of the assumptions you make in providing the information used in the calculation. I (we) do not guarantee that this calculator is reliable, accurate or complete or that it will be compatible with your computer.

Retirement Savings Calculator

Determine if you have saved enough for your retirement!  Inputs include retirement savings, non-registered savings, contributions, and other expected income sources. And be sure to download our free Retirement Cash Flow Spreadsheet!  To get started on a more in-depth retirement conversation, email our team.

Credit Card Payment Calculator

Determine how long it will take you pay off your credit card debt. This type of debt is likely the most expensive form of debt a household can accumulate. The financial advisors at LGK Wealth Management can assist with ideas to reduce your debt. Reach out for more details.

Auto Loan Calculator

Envision a payment schedule for an auto loan, dependent on down payment, trade in value, interest rate, and the time period of payment. For more information on cash & debt management, contact our office.

Investment Growth Calculator

Estimate the future value of an investment based on certain assumptions such as the initial investment amount, expected rate of return, and time horizon. Get a quick idea of growth over a specified period that will help you assess the potential outcome of your investments. For a more comprehensive analysis of your investments, reach out to our experts.

Savings Goal Calculator

Figure out the amount of money you need to save regularly in order to reach a specific financial goal within your desired timeframe. Input details such as the target amount; saving frequency; interest rate; and time period, and receive a rough estimate of the required savings contributions. Our team can give you a more accurate idea of how to achieve your goals!