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Investment Philosophy & Process

Our Investment Philosophy

At LGK Wealth Management our investment philosophy is simple yet effective. Portfolio changes are not based off short-term market fluctuations, meaning that if the market goes up one day and down the next, we aren't going to be buying and selling within clients accounts. This allows for long-term investment growth and helps us to manage our clients needs based on personal risk levels, goals, as well as our long-term view of the market. We are committed to protecting client's investments, not risking them. We take a more cautious approach to managing our clients' money. Our goal is to provide accounts with roughly 80 percent of market growth, with only 50 percent of the market downside. Lastly, we fill accounts with funds that compliment each other to ensure that all your eggs are never in one basket. We research our investment managers rigorously and communicate with them regularly to ensure the right mix for each individual client. Client money is always put in a well-informed place.

Investment Factors

There are four factors that contribute to a clients' investment success

  1. The Markets - The performance of the market is a big contributor to the success of our investment approach. Making sure money is in the right place helps protect our clients' investments.
  2. Risk Level - Each clients personal risk level determines how their money is invested. Higher and lower risk tolerances depend on whether clients are in a position to pay for life's expenses, willing to accept market volatility, or if the are needing to maintain cash flow for retirement.
  3. Contributions - The amount of contributions to investments is very important, the more that is put in means that there is a larger base to grow upon. More contributions strengthen an account and averages out market volatility as time goes on.
  4. Time - The time in which money remains invested drastically affects an account as the longer that it is left untouched the more it will be able to compound in growth. Maintaining a long-term focus and contributing to investments regularly will help our clients achieve success in investing.

Our Investment Process