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Investment Philosophy & Process

Our Investment Philosophy

1. We do not make investment changes based on short term fluctuations in the market.

  • Changes will be necessary if these factors are determined to have lasting impact on our economic outlook

2. Changes to our clients’ portfolios are made when a fundamental change occurs in;

  • Our long-term view of the market over the time invested
  • Our clients’ goals
  • Our clients’ risk tolerances and investment objectives

3. Our benchmark for client portfolio returns is not the market itself.

  • Rather, we endeavor to provide returns that track the upside of the market with significant downside protection. Our goal is to provide 80% of the upside of the market with 50% of the downside.

4. The most appropriate definition of risk occurs when a client is not correctly matched with the appropriate risk tolerances and investment time horizons.

  • It is our job to ensure clients maintain the investment mix that suits their risk levels, time horizons, and retirement plans.

5. Our portfolios are created to have all fund managers complement one another by investment style, geographic & sector allocations, and by asset class.

  • Correlation, standard deviation, beta, and alpha are very important attributes we consider when creating client portfolios.
  • The choice of portfolio managers is based on our outlook for the markets in the future, not how well these managers have performed in the past.
  • We do not look for an all-star team of portfolio managers, rather a complementary team that has forwards, defensemen, and a goalie.

6. Here are 4 main factors that will affect our clients’ investment success:

  • Markets - The performance of the equity and fixed income markets.
  • Risk Level - The choice of risk levels for each client.
  • Contributions - Client involvement in making regular monthly contributions to their investment accounts. This works to smooth out market volatility over time.
  • Time - The time our clients are invested. The longer the investment timeframe, the more potential market risk is removed from performance.

7. For a client with a long term investment horizon, the best time to invest is:

  • Today – to help maximize the time in the market.
  • When the markets are down and the long term economic outlook is positive. Purchasing investments at lower unit values will assist our clients in attaining their retirement goals.

Our Investment Process


  • Investment
  • Individual risk tolerances
  • Income requirements
  • Capital needs
  • Investment Goals

We manage 2 portfolios for our business. Individual portfolios are created to suit client needs.

Very Clear - Very Simple

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